WooCommerce changed how we think about E-Commerce

WooCommerce is now the most popular e-Commerce technology surpassing Magento and others

June 1st, 2015  •  woocommerce wordpress e-commerce

Let’s face it: e-Commerce software is not something you’ll fall in love with. After that first Magento date two years ago, I retrospectively figured I should have “swiped left”. Of course I went for the needy free Magento version. It looked pretty good on it’s profile page. But it turned out to be a software relationship disaster once you got to know it. The Magento is ready to drag you down deep, and everyone around you. Maybe it would have just been better to go with the nice cheeky paid version: get in, get out, no strings attached. But I’m not the guy who pays for things I don’t know.

At the time when I was looking for my e-Commerce rebound, a nice little WooCommerce came around. It had just left home, was still pretty unexperienced but nevertheless flattering. It blended in. It was willing to learn. Not burdened and not as clunky, or as my business-partner and developer would refer to Magento: “The php-Moloch rising from Hell”.

Of course. WooCommerce is far from perfect. It’s definately not someone who grew up bilingual.

But it does something not many software does: It’s fun to work with. It’s easy. It works with you. It’s actually willing to comprimise. It listens to you. It’s an easy to get it up and running.

And that might just be some of the reasons WooCommerce is now — according to BuiltWith.com — the most used e-Commerce software in the world.

e-commerce Statistics builtwith.com

Currently — according to WordPress.org — over 1 Million Sites are running WooCommerce.

Of course WooCommerce has it’s flaws and edges and the data of buildwith.com shows that mainly small shops that use WooCommerce, but their current growth rate and more and more plugins being built, developers familiarised with the shop and getting some notice world wide, we need to assume that this could be the next big thing.