What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce - the most used E-Commerce Software explained

June 1st, 2015  •  WooCommerce WordPress

WooCommerce is a free software that adds extra functionality to the popular WordPress CMS. It is installed as a plugin and offers all of the E-Commerce function that are known from other online shopping systems (such as Magento, OpenCart or Shopify).

According to BuiltWith.com WooCommerce is the most used shopping software worldwide (as of April 2015). Especially small and medium enterprises use it because it is easy to install and inexpensive. The only downside is that WooCommerce is exclusive to WordPress. In May 2015 the firm behind WordPress (Automattic) aquired WooCommerce and eforced the position of WordPress as a complete Content Management System.

The advantage of WooCommerce is that it’s Open Source (licensed under GPL 3.0). Each and every programmer can create Add-Ons or Plugins using the software. This means that there is a huge choice of free and paid additional functionality or Templates (here a link to themeforest, a marketplace for WordPress designs), which other E-Commerce software do not offer.

Even though WooCommerce is mostly used for smallish online shops, there are examples of WooCommerce based shops that offer over 25’000 products.

WooCommerce is (together with Shopify) the only software that allows customers to create a fully functional online shop without any programming skills. The Software has huge potential because it means that a person can become a Solopreneur without any additional costs, how Tom Jacobs states in his blog post at TechCrunch.