WordPress – Simple blogging software evolves to mighty CMS

Currently WordPress is the most used content-management software in the world. Created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, the application now powers 30% of all web pages and has grown exponentially since its creation in 2003. WordPress is an open-source software and offers developers and designers to create their own frontend designs (themes) and add-ons (plug-ins) that enhance the functionality of the core. Therefore hundreds of thousands of developers create new products for WordPress and WP thousands of businesses are built on WordPress services.

How do we use WordPress?

We are passionate WordPress enthusiasts and use the application for our own news sites. We’re probably one of the few development agencies that also actively uses WordPress for news creation on a daily basis. That gives us a first-hand experience on what is new and hip in the WP-community. We have wide experience in what plug-ins work good and which ones you’d better not use.

Our expertise involves everything around WordPress. We create new WordPress themes and plug-ins. We’re experienced in creating small private websites or large business applications based on WP. We know what system and solution will be best for you and your business.

Are we also contributing to the WordPress open-source project?

Of course. As passionate WP enthusiasts we also want to give something back to the community that helped us start our business. We are currently creating a front-end publishing tool. Check it out and we’d love to hear your feedback!