Web Design

your custom website

The first thing people notice when opening up a website is the design. It takes the blink of an eye for them to judge. Our promise to you is that the first impression of your site is overwhelming (in the good sense). We want your users to stay on your site and explore every last niche of your digital adventure land.

Web design is ever-changing. We are always keeping up with the newest trends in web design and will incorporate them in your website and making your CI look good on every digital device. We will freshen up old and dusty designs, or lend a helping hand if you want to take your first step into the WWW. We will make sure that you get a personal look for your website.

Our designs happen where the finished product will be created: In the code. We develop each look with our favourite languages of the internet. To ensure fast production, we rely on preprocessors like jade and Sass, to always get the best out of your site.

Since the entire design is coded, we guarantee that your idea will be implemented just as you imagined it. And responsiveness is an obvious feature, since we have renounced pixels a long time ago.