WooCommerce – From Rags to Riches

eCommerce is growing and growing. New niche markets are starting to grasp how easy it can be to set-up an online shop and reach customers world wide. Experts expect further growth and the markets are ready for ever more digital shopping solutions.

WooCommerce began as a small add-on for WordPress. But WooCommerce is anything but small. The application from South Africa now powers 29% of all online shops worldwide and has left competitors, like Magento, at the sideline. It was recently aquired by Automattic, the founders of WordPress and will soon be implemented in the core of WordPress.

Why should you make a shop with us?

We passionately like to create new shops and applications, either with WooCommerce or Magento. Both shopping solutions have their pros and cons. Our expertise reaches from XML-interfaces for ERP-Systems or accounting systems, up to entire online-shop installations. We’re pros with all Google services and will optimize your shop for best user experience. With the goal that your customers buy your products.

Our knowledge with online-shops derive from our own shop, which is built with five different XML-interfaces to our partners and offers over 2’5000 products. And who wouldn’t be better in creating an online-shop than someone who maintains an online shop?